Eximia – Firming, Reduction of Cellulite and Body Fat


We share all of the best things in our hotel with all of our guests. That’s why we prepared some unique attractions especially for the residents of Kołobrzeg, and the surrounding area. What’s worth taking advantage of?

The largest spa in Poland – in one of 40 treatment rooms, first-class professionals—backed by the cosmetics companies Academie, Phytomer and PAYOT—will take care of your beauty, health and relaxation.
Allow yourself a moment to let go, and pamper your body and senses.
Take a break from everyday life, treat yourself to a SPA DAY!!!

Sample treatments using a breakthrough discovery in the field of cosmetology – the Eximia device, used for firming the body and reducing cellulite and body fat.

Treat yourself to the only water abrasion in Poland, which: exfoliates, regenerates and smoothens the skin; and stimulates collagen production. As a result, the skin becomes visibly rejuvenated, supple, firm and radiant.

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