“Russian Bath” Ritual


We share all of the best things in our hotel with all of our guests. That’s why we prepared some unique attractions especially for the residents of Kołobrzeg, and the surrounding area. What’s worth taking advantage of?

The Slavic ritual in the Russian sauna brings relief and deep relaxation.

The ritual begins with a cold shot of vodka. Next, you enter the heated sauna (80°C), where the person conducting the ritual pours hot water over field stones, which increases the humidity in the sauna. You are wrapped in and whipped by special oak twigs. This warms the body, without bringing pain. At the end of the ritual, your body will be cooled under a cold shower or with ice cubes, and you will relax on a deckchair.

Open: Every day from 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (in the sauna complex)

Price: Hotel guests – 40 PLN/person

People who are not guests – 70 PLN/person (+1.5 hours at the pool, free!)

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