Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Centre at Hotel AQUARIUS SPA***** in Kołobrzeg is a modern place providing services such as: diagnoses; treatments; rehabilitation; and the prevention of motor organ diseases. Our main goal is to help you return to health quickly. The empathy of our team of specialists—combined with knowledge gained from years of practice—guarantees a reliable, comprehensive approach to each patient, as well as a quick return to health.

We guarantee:

  • Individual work between the patient and our team of specialists
  • A holistic approach towards the patient, thanks to an interdisciplinary medical consultation
  • A modern and efficient treatment program
  • The latest and most modern rehabilitation equipment in all of Poland
  • Exceptionally comfortable conditions during your rehabilitative stay: hotel rooms or apartments; fine dining at the hotel restaurants (breakfast, dinner and supper buffets, as well as an à la carte menu); pool, sauna and Jacuzzi complex; café; gym; and fitness room

Our employees are specialists in the field of medical rehabilitation, systematically participating in training in the newest therapeutic methods while also remaining up to date with the latest information. Complementing their professional expertise is our spacious and well-equipped Rehabilitation Centre, thanks to which we are the ideal place for preventative and postoperative treatment.

We have:

  • Manual and physical therapy treatment rooms
  • Hall for individual exercises
  • Hall for group activities

All of the rooms at our Centre are air-conditioned. Also available for our patients is a modern gym, where they can continue to practice recreational training or sports, while still remaining under the expert guidance of our team.

We provide the opportunity to perform additional tests: laboratory, imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI) as well as consult with medical specialists.

What we treat:

a) In the fields of orthopaedics and trauma surgery:

  • the state of joints after arthroscopy
  • the state of ligaments, tendons, menisci, and cartilages after reconstruction
  • post-traumatic states
  • post-arthroplastic states
  • back pain caused by overload and degeneration, as well as the rehabilitation of patients who have had back surgery
  • past injuries and injuries incurred during a traffic accident

b) In the fields of sport and preventative rehabilitation

  • prevention of overload conditions (which impair movement) through functional training and consultation
  • rehabilitation for athletes: overload conditions; strength training after sustaining an injury)

Therapeutic methods that we employ:

  • Physiotherapy exercises: passive; assisted; active resistance; proprioception; stabilising; and also ¨stretching ¨manual therapy ¨kinesiotaping ¨neuromuscular activation therapy ¨soft tissue mobilization
  • Massage: classic; lymphatic; and connective tissue
  • Physiotherapy: electro-stimulation; ultrasounds; iontophoresis; interference currents; transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS); spot cryotherapy; and laser pointer and scanner
  • Balneotherapy: mud bath; brine bath; CO2 bath; mud compress; “fango” compress (mud with added mineral ingredients); and brine inhalations
  • Hydrotherapy: hydromassage; whirl massage of the lower and upper limbs
  • Functional sport training, which is also used during rehabilitation

What happens during treatment:

In the therapeutic programs that we employ, we place emphasis on providing you with personal medical care and physiotherapy. Your doctor, after appropriate testing and diagnosis, will discuss and agree on individual treatment plans with you and physiotherapist.

The most important part of any treatment plan is your daily work with a physiotherapist. It allows continuous assessment of the therapeutic effects of your treatment process and, if necessary modifications.

You will carry out your individual therapeutic program in a comfortable environment (e.g. in air-conditioned halls and treatment rooms, in the luxurious swimming pool with a medical wellness zone).

The course of therapy

First day of stay:

  • Initial medical examination, thorough medical history interview and medical diagnosis
  • Preliminary physiotherapy tests, thorough interview and functional diagnostics
  • Planning of specific treatment according to an agreed upon individualized treatment plan
  • Further diagnostics and laboratory testing available for an additional fee

Second day of therapy:

  • Implementation of specific treatments according to individual treatment program
  • Tips: diet, ergonomic, anti-stress

Last day of stay:

  • Final medical and physiotherapy examination
  • Determination of medical recommendations and home exercise program

Health stays are possible in two variants:

Climate package on health – 7, 14, 21 days (accommodation, breakfasts, dinners and treatment package)

Open package, which consists of any number of nights you book with breakfast and dinner (min. number of nights is 3); unlimited use of the swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzis and gym; and the purchase of additional treatments prescribed by a doctor. The package does not include the cost of the medical examination (130 PLN) and / or physiotherapy consultation (70 PLN).

Rehabilitation Centre
ul. Kasprowicza 24, 78-100 Kołobrzeg

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Telephone:  94 35 36 580 (SPA and Rehabilitation reception desk)

To make a booking, please contact reservations:
Telephone: 94 35 36 444,  94 35 36 555, 94 35 36 579