Attractions in Kołobrzeg

Kolobrzeg is a remarkable town by the sea, which captivates with its beauty, intrigues with the incredible history and surprises with the variety of attractions. It is a holiday haven for tourists, often called the “Pearl of the Polish Spas”. Once you have visited Kolobrzeg, you will certainly want to return again. Interesting architecture entices visitors to take long walks along beautiful streets with charming houses and green parks. Here, Mother Nature has created great natural treasures:  brine –the white gold and therapeutic mud peat – the black gold. Those natural resources helped to establish Kolobrzeg as a renowned health resort in Poland. Thousands of tourists from all over Europe come here for health and beauty all year round. Food lovers are guaranteed to have their tastes satisfied by Kolobrzeg restaurants, many of which are serving fresh fish “straight off the fishing boat.” On the top of that, a wide range of local attractions contribute to the prevailing aura of seaside relax and fun.

Kolobrzeg in history…

The town’s fascinating history is marked by many important events in the European history. Kolobrzeg has numerous monuments, museums, buildings and the remains of the most amazing historical sites. Tourists interested in history will certainly find lots of exciting historical facts in the Basilica, the Town Hall, the Palace of Braunschweigs and Poland’s Marriage to the Sea Monument; in the Polish Arms Museum and the town’s trails along fortifications once defending the fortress of Kolobrzeg.

Sea adventure….

The enthusiasts of marine experience will certainly find it in one of Kołobrzeg ports, embarking on a sea cruise, climbing the lighthouse or even, being kidnapped by the pirates in Solna Redoubt. The yachtsmen have been welcomed to Kolobrzeg Marina for many years now. Countless ships and yachts from all over the world can be seen mooring there almost every day. Another popular place, the beautiful Kolobrzeg Pier is ideal for those who enjoy walking and breathing the iodine-saturated air.

Healthy and active…

Kolobrzeg and its surroundings offer a perfect opportunity to develop a passion for walking and cycling. Wide beaches, charming parks, forests and marked walking/ biking paths provide a perfect base for the enthusiasts of Nordic Walking or biking. There is nothing more pleasant than to walk or bike along the seashore in the evening sun, enjoying a perfect sea view.

Kolobrzeg for the soul…

The town hosts many cultural events and festivals. Interesting concerts and exhibitions are held here all year round and there is always something for everyone to enjoy.  Kolobrzeg is famous for well- know annual events: Sunrise Festival – club music festival, Interfolk –International folklore meeting or International “Music in the Cathedral” just to name a few.

Plan your holiday today and come to Kolobrzeg – the Polish Spa Capital!


Klimatyczny Kołobrzeg



Attractions in Kołobrzeg


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