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Chef Grzegorz Nowicki – Master of Taste

With great pleasure, we present our chef, a man full of passion for cooking, who, with his everyday work, takes care to produce meals of the highest quality for our guests. His meals are simply a work of art. Discover the secrets of our master chef and his team’s work.


Authorial meals

The creator of good taste with many years of experience, Grzegorz Nowicki embraces and cultivates what is the best and the healthiest in Polish cuisine. He is a perfectionist passionate about taste. He says you can't rush good food; preparing refined food requires time and patience. He prefers traditional, long preparation of meats marinated for several hours. Grzegorz believes in combining excellent Polish cuisine and modern methods of cooking in delivering superb dishes (for example sous vide).

He is always looking for inspirations and ways of perfecting his craftsmanship to bring the most amazing food flavours. He creates food that is healthy and nutritionally balanced and infused with vitamins, flavours of our childhood and recipes based on the concept of slow food. His dishes are prepared from fresh seasonal and natural products from local farmers. Grzegorz’s signature cuisine is famous for distinct characteristics of dishes created from fresh fish delivered from the port of Kołobrzeg.


Ideal mixes

It is through the search for the highest quality organic ingredients and the use of them in dishes at our “Horyzont” restaurant that, as one of few in Poland, our hotel received the prestigious Slow Food Poland certificate, confirming the high quality of our chef’s dishes.

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