Beauty Center

The Beauty Center at the AQUARIUS SPA***** is a unique enclave where one can rest, as well as the perfect place for taking care of one’s body. We offer a wide range of facial treatments; body treatments; treatments especially for men; massages; saunas; beauty treatments; and more, such as pedicures and manicures.

At the same time, guests will find modern technology at the Beauty Center, through which it is possible to carry out special treatments, such as  Intraceuticals (the use of hyperbaric oxygen technology for skin rejuvenation).

Our Beauty Center offers unmatched innovative techniques in skin and body care using exclusive result-oriented skincare products from the renowned brands:

  • Selvert Thermal combines all the wisdom of nature in its products. For over 25 years, the philosophy of this Swiss brand has been based on the search for the most effective ways to support the skin’s resilience and self-healing ability. Searching for the most effective and safe ingredients, the creators of the brand reached for the restorative power of nature’s elements (mud peat, mud and clay).The first step towards effective skin revitalization is deep skin detoxification and regeneration. The use of active ingredients of natural origin such as thermal water and mud peat provide excellent therapeutic qualities. The brand lines of treatment, in both traditional and cutting-edge cosmetics, are highly developed.  Innovative products are the result of a large research effort: they conduct regular studies to improve each formulation, created with all the rigour and professionalism of the best experts in medicine, pharmacology, biology and biotechnology. The brand is renowned for its rapid adaptation of scientific achievements into high technology cosmetics.  Beauty products for facial and body care at home are available at our Beauty Center.

    Their excellent absorption, velvety consistency and elegant packaging make their use a real pleasure.

  • Saint Malo – a French brand whose core values are reflected in the motto: „Beauty is born of the sea”.In order to attain spectacular beauty-enhancing effects, their products are created from unique ingredients and exclusive  marine  complexes that are safe to use and provide the feeling of luxury.The Saint Malo beauty products contain high-performing active ingredients such as oyster, brine and peloid extracts, sea and thermal water, sea collagen, valuable plant extracts, wealth of algae and essential oils.For the Saint Malo brand using the highest quality products in beauty treatments is as  important as being attentive to the multi-sensorial body care and delivering comfort and relaxation.Essential herb oils and oriental flowers used during treatments, combined with hot compresses and warm towels as well as the skilful hands of professional beauty therapists will bring a feeling of comfort and take you to the land of luxury, elegance and well-being.

Great comfort to complete treatment, we recommend to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Expensive jewellery should be left in the safe in your hotel room. Please arrive in a hotel bathrobe. The Beauty Center will provide bathrobes, slippers and towels for guests who are not staying at the hotel. We encourage you to book a procedure before your arrival in order for you to enjoy the opportunity to choose a most convenient time.

The Beauty Center is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact the spa via telephone: +48 94 35 36 580.

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