kawiarnia Wiatr i Woda w hotelu AQUARIUS SPA


"Wiatr i Woda" Café

Aromatic coffee and tasty offerings made by our pastry chef are just the beginning of pleasure.

The smell of freshly ground coffee, delicious cakes baked by our pastry chef, juices, smoothies and freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables – you will find all of these things at our “Wiatr i Woda” café. For lovers of high-quality chocolate, we recommend pralines created by our confectioner. They’re also perfect as a gift.

Opening hours: every day from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.



Made of captivating, delicate beans from the farthest corners of South America, our exclusive coffee—which is roasted using traditional methods—provides an unforgettable tasting experience. The hotel barista prepares espresso and various other coffee drinks according to the season.


Hot snacks, oryginal drinks

The chef has prepared a set of hot snacks so that our guests can satisfy their hunger. If you want a special drink, we recommend recipes created by our bartenders.


Play Club

The “Wiatr i Woda” café is the perfect place to meet. The proximity of the glass-walled Play Club ensures that parents can enjoy a coffee whilst at the same time, their children play in a safe place.


NEW! – Pralines

If you're a chocolate lover, you appreciate the unique taste and artistic preparation of fine chocolates. But you’ve not yet tasted our pralines, so don’t wait, and visit our café today. The inspiration for our pralines—made by the hotel's pastry chef—comes from original Belgian chocolates. Our pralines are produced by hand, and the various fillings are a combination of sophisticated tastes. Pralines are a great gift idea, as well as a reminder of moments spent at the seaside.



Inextricably associated with the aroma of coffee, a book is a great friend in travel and a good way to relax. For our guests, we have a small library of books abounding in broad themes. Every lover of good reading will find something for him or herself.

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