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Managing the lighting system extends the vitality of light sources, light bulbs and fluorescents threefold. In the lobbies, corridors and our gastronomic base, the latest and most modern solution of multi-step lightening and darkening lights via sensors is employed. In the conference rooms, you’ll find light in the colour that, according to research, is the most favourable for focus and concentration. Control with the help of a touch panel makes it possible to obtain various degrees of brightness, orientation and dispersion.


At our business, we care about the environment. For this reason we used, among others, a system of air-conditioning with heat recovery, which warms the hotel’s pools and usable water. Thanks to this, it is possible to save energy by approximately 30 per cent. Noiseless air-conditioning throughout the entire hotel was chosen in accordance with the parameters of the rooms, and adapted to their individual character.


The hotel’s air-conditioning is based on a sensor system, which takes into consideration all internal and external emissions of heat and moisture. The automatically controlled heating system makes it possible to adjust the temperature to one’s individual needs. This so-called “dry” air-conditioning system works anti-bacterially, making it friendly to the human body. The use of ice water instead of Freon to cool the system down is friendly to the environment.


An intelligent energy management system is installed in the hotel, allowing for the reduction of energy use, as well as lower emissions of greenhouse gases.


We draw upon that which nature provides, which is why we collect rainwater at our hotel. We use it to water plants around the hotel, including the hotel garden. All of the faucets that are found in the hotel feature special inserts; thanks to these inserts, there is an increase in water flow via substantial aeration. This process allows for the reduction of water use by a minimum of 15%, and up to as much as 60%. The entire hotel uses specially softened water. Thanks to this, we use less detergent and other cleaning agents, save energy, and gain the extended vitality of our devices. Our guests also feel greater comfort whilst bathing.


In choosing the interior elements of the hotel, we strove to ensure that all accessories would be environment-friendly. So it happened in the case of the carpet—among other things—that we used for our “Horyzont” restaurant and the Beauty Centre. The chosen material is biodegradable and renewable. The top part of the carpet can be used again; only the undercoat needs to be replaced.

Beauty Centre

Treatments at the Beauty Centre are carried out using ecological products and preparations, which are not tested on animals. Massages are carried out using oils that do not contain preservatives, while natural essential oils are used for baths.


Our cooks use fresh foods supplied by local farmers and producers. In creating menus, we use seasonal products, promoting regional delicacies. Wild boar and mushrooms come from local forests, while fish is freshly-caught. The high quality of the dishes we serve is backed by the prestigious Slow Food Poland certificate.

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