aktywny wypoczynek nad morzem

Active holiday

Discover our means of active relaxation.

We know that our guests’ needs vary, which is why we create recreational opportunities for both those seeking peaceful tranquillity and those who prefer an active way to spend their leisure time. Below, we recommend tried and tested methods of not only being active, but also having great fun.


The hotel's gym is furnished with equipment of the highest quality, which guarantees comfort and safety whilst exercising. Thanks to the many different machines and devices, it is possible to train all of the parts of one’s body, according to one’s preferences and individually selected resistance. Regardless of whether you prefer cardio or strength training, at our hotel gym, you will find the appropriate equipment for both types of exercise. If you do not know what set of exercises would be best for you, take advantage of the advice of our trainer.


Kołobrzeg and its surroundings abound in bicycle routes, making it an ideal place for long excursions. The variety of the routes (in the city, along the sea, and through the woods - a total of 35 km) makes every trip an unforgettable adventure, and provides the opportunity to commune with nature. At our hotel, you can rent bicycles for adults and for children, aged 7 and up. Special bicycles with seats for the littlest ones are also available. You can find maps with a list of all bicycle paths and suggested routes at the reception desk.

Nordic Walking

At our hotel, you can rent Nordic Walking sticks and undergo training with a qualified instructor at the beach or at the seaside park. Using the walking sticks involves many muscle groups, thanks to which you can increase the strength and endurance of your shoulders; burn a greater number of calories than you would whilst walk classically; increase the stability of your body; and reduce the stress on your back, hips and knees. Even those with weakened joints and muscles can enjoy Nordic Walking, in order to increase their strength. Nordic Walking is an excellent activity for those who appreciate long walks along the seashore.

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