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Our assets

Become familiar with the hotel’s most important assets.

See what makes our hotel stand out and characterises our actions. We have put together the most important information in one place, so that you can get to know us better, such as: location, architecture, our eco-friendly stance, and much more. Be sure—here, you’ll catch the wind in your sail…

Place by sea

Ideal location

In the health resort region of Kołobrzeg, barely 250 meters from a beautiful, sunny beach, and only a few minutes’ walk from the Eastern Eco-park, a wildlife refuge where—in an area of 300 hectares—the oldest trees in Poland grow. You can also find over 800 types of birds there. The close proximity of bicycle and walking paths enable you to easily tour Kołobrzeg and its surroundings.

Sea adventure


The exterior of AQUARIUS SPA ***** is reminiscent of a catamaran in a sea of green, from the seaside park. The architecture was inspired by the modernist trend in architecture from the 1920s, and in particular, the well-known projects of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

The front façade, inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, creates a geometric mosaic of colours, which are reminiscent of the rays of the summer sun. This reference is also present in the intense colours of the balcony dividers. The roof over our driveway is shaped like a surfboard, while its ceiling beams resemble the frame of a yacht. The inside of the hotel combines modernity, lightness, and the spirit of the sea, creating a unique place with a warm atmosphere.

Smile and kindness

People create the place

A hotel is a location, memories, and an atmosphere. Thinking about a hotel, you see in your mind’s eye moments that you experienced, and the smile of an employee. You also remember the taste of delicious dishes. AQUARIUS SPA***** hotel is a place for people with passion. And that’s exactly what we are. Our employees are passionate about their work. We are here to make you smile, because we know that a hotel is more than just a place. We share energy, provide joy and we create a unique atmosphere together.

Environmentally-friendly hotel

Since the inception of our hotel, we have promoted an eco-friendly attitude in our operations. We do care about the fate of nature, which surrounds us on all sides. In creating the hotel, we made sure that the design of individual components allowed for ecological functioning. To this end, we introduced an energy-efficient power management system, the rationalisation of water consumption, and energy-efficient lighting.

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Brine and mud

Straight from nature

The city's history is inextricably linked with brine. The presence of natural sources of salt is a characteristic trait of Kołobrzeg. In order for our guests to enjoy the benefits of this natural treasure, a special pipeline brings brine to the hotel from the nearest source. The highly mineralised, curative local brine is used for bathing and inhalation treatments.
Brine baths improve blood circulation; increase the body's immunity, and speed up the recuperation process. They also aid in cleansing the body of toxins and metabolic by-products, which accelerates the absorption of ions body needs. In addition to baths, the brine is also used for inhalation. Such inhalations hydrate the air passages; improve blood circulation and purification; reduces inflammation; and facilitate breathing.

Kołobrzeg has the best curative mud in Poland. It is a rich source of organic acids and mineral salts. Our hotel spa applied modern technology for the preparation and administration of liquid mud baths. The spa’s luxurious rooms are equipped with special baths, into which the healthy mud flows directly out of the taps. Mud treatments work by increasing the body temperature. Such overheating speeds up the metabolism, because congestion occurs in the deep tissues, muscles, and joints; this in turn leads to a drop in the tension of and a general loosening of the tissue. The result is improved blood circulation, as well as the removal of waste products from tissues. For this reason, mud baths are recommended in the fight against cellulite. The overheated skin is cleansed and more readily absorbs nutrients from the mud.

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