A conference at the seaside is a successful investment in the image of your company. Discover the perfect place for a business meeting, conference, or event.

Conferences by the seaside attract participants and ennoble the organizers. The organisation of conferences, training sessions, and events is more than just a group of people gathering together. It is an excellent opportunity to build ties, exchange knowledge, share one’s experience, and create business relationships. We are aware of the importance of this event, so we offer you our experience, our professional and flexible approach, and our excellent meeting facilities. A conference owes its success to the smooth operation of its staff. At our hotel, we operate efficiently and flexibly, combining the skills of employees from all departments into a coherent whole. We are well organized and able to predict your needs. From the first meeting with you until after the end of the conference, we will keep watch over all aspects of the conference in order for it to be a collective success.

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