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We approach each conference and corporate event very individually, because we know that in this way, we are able to meet your expectations.

“I wish everyone organising a conference cooperation on such a high level. Great scope and flexibility are a guarantee that the expectations of the most demanding organizers will be met. We will come back here.”

-Robert, Conference Organiser, Technical Branch, November 2018

“Particularly noteworthy is the dependability and attention to detail already at the stage of organisational preparations for our stay. The openness of the service and the willingness to make number of changes to adapt to the individual needs of our company also deserve praise. The atmosphere, attractive location, selected infrastructure and very good kitchen, make it (AQUARIUS SPA*****) one of the “hottest” places on the Polish coast, regardless of the season.”

 -Andrzej, Company Congress Organiser, December 2018

“Our impressions of this year’s stay at AQUARIUS SPA ***** hotel exceeded our expectations. The freshness, purity and momentum that Aquarius offers, are conditions under which you can comfortably spend time with customers. Of particular note is the fact that the hotel’s service was there to help solve problems, making the logistics of organising group travel significantly easier. We can compare Aquarius with many other places, and this aspect deserves special recognition. From start to finish, our needs were answered in a very flexible and creative way, and in unforeseen situations, solutions were invented, not barriers. “

-Tomasz, Company Meeting Organiser, July 2017

There is a long list of advantages that prove that AQUARIUS SPA ***** hotel is the ideal venue for conferences, training sessions, events and corporate events:

  • A high level of service
  • Experience and proficiency (having successfully organised hundreds of conferences, seminars and business meetings)
  • 8 comfortable halls with sliding door systems
  • Rooms with natural daylight, which can also be dimmed,
  • Silent air conditioning, professional BOSE sound system, a proper stage and high-class conference facilities,
  • Catering facilities adjacent to the rooms, with convenient logistics
  • The presence of an individual caregiver throughout the duration of the meeting,
  • A large exhibition space,
  • A separate reception area, dedicated to the needs of the group,
  • The possibility of dedicating a wing or entire floor of the hotel to one group,
  • The ability to conduct video conferences,
  • 21 monitors located throughout the hotel, forming a network for TV marketing, with the ability to display the group’s conference schedule,
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel,
  • Varied gastronomic offers (including coffee breaks), and an excellent cuisine (awarded the prestigious Slow Food certificate)
  • Comfortable, spacious rooms with balconies and complex equipment (such as a kettle, coffee, and tea)
  • A wide range of entertaining attractions (Aquarius CLUB & LOUNGE with a pool table, a large Aquacenter, and the Cosmetic Centre)
  • A large garden with a barbecue area.
Conferences Assets


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