There are many opportunities around the hotel

AQUARIUS SPA***** hotel provides an attractive place to organise events, both inside and outdoors. Thanks to this, we have repeatedly held successful events, such as: bungee jumping in front of the hotel; fairs and exhibitions in the hotel’s square; and concerts in the hotel garden.

The hotel garden

Located at the rear of the hotel is our spacious garden, which is a great place for concerts or a dinner fresh from the grill.

Parking in front of the hotel

The parking lot in front of the hotel is the perfect location for attractions such as bungee jumping; walking on a tightrope from the rooftop; and presenting of various types of vehicles and machines.

Outdoor square

A large outdoor plaza is located just 50 metres from the main entrance to the hotel. It allows for the use of space for, among other things, exhibitions and large equipment necessary for presentations. The square can also used as a helipad.

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