malowanie twarzy dzieciom


Activities for children

Our greatest joy is the smile of your child

Mini Zumba

activities that promote healthy lifestyle among kids. Zumba is a great way to get kids moving and having fun! They learn to dance, improve coordination and balance, and develop creativity and physical memory.

Fitness classes for kids

classes with the elements of dance, cardio and stretching exercises designed to correct bad posture. Fitness equipment (step, body ball, tape, roller) is used during these classes.

Eurhythmics for kids

dance and movement classes for kids up to 6 years old. They have fun playing with their peers and developing ability to work in a group. Kids learn to use a variety of interesting teaching aids (scarves, tunnels and KLANZA rug animation).

Balloon dizziness

fun workshop where kids learn balloon twisting and come up with their own unique designs.

Fabulous makeup

face painting is a fun way to dress up. Our professional makeup artist will transform your kid into a tiger, colorful butterfly, Mickey Mouse, pussycat or any other character.

Art workshops

kids get creative with art, making their own seaside souvenirs through hands-on activities, using wood, glass and fabrics. They learn how to make soaps, lanterns, candlesticks, pencil cases, pillows, wall decorations and much, much more...

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