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Popular, well-known actress Katarzyna Bujakiewicz is the official hotel ambassador for AQUARIUS SPA*****. What delighted the actress at our hotel?

For the first time, the actress came to our hotel to relax, after an intense period on set whilst filming a movie. Because, as Kasia says, she always comes to Kołobrzeg—which is her favourite and most beloved city—working with the hotel began in a very natural way.

“An actor’s job is a constant rush and a changeable situation. It is more and more difficult for each of us to find time for ourselves. AQUARIUS SPA***** hotel is the perfect place for an unforgettable, restful stay. The comfort of this place, combined with a mastery of service, guarantees relaxation at the highest level.”

Thanks to her openness, positive energy and infectious smile, Katarzyna Bujakiewicz fits in perfectly with the hotel’s spirit.

Together with Kasia, we decided to surprise our youngest guests. The popular actress lead the little ones into the magical world of fairy tales, reading the most popular children’s stories aloud. The result? The children’s smiles were the best review. We invite all children to the hotel.

On the morning program Good Morning TVN, we could watch a live feed from the beach in Kołobrzeg, where the guest was none other than Kasia Bujakiewicz. From the interview with the well-known actress, we discovered, among other things, her favourite resting place–obviously AQUARIUS SPA****—and why Kasia has been so very fond of Kołobrzeg since childhood. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the material!


Interview with Katarzyna Bujakiewicz

Kasia let us in on why she is so fond of Kołobrzeg, the impact that a coastal climate has on one’s body, and how to reconcile the dynamic work of an actress with self-care and relaxation.

AQ: Can such a famous and busy actress combining work and motherhood allow herself to relax at a spa often?

The job of an actor is characterized by being continuously pressed for time. Leading life between my beloved city of Poznań, and Warsaw, I have to cherish every moment. However, I cannot forget about my body. Relaxation at a spa is an element of care and an investment of time in yourself. I try to visit the spa regularly to keep my body in the best shape I can. I know that this will result in efficiency, which will allow me to fulfil myself as an actress and mother.

AQ: In your opinion, is it worth it to visit a spa?

I think that a spa is a place where we focus on one’s form, both physical and mental. A place where we can build harmony of the body and mind. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin, and, as everybody knows, that at work, an actor’s body is also a working tool. I believe that a visit to the spa is part of taking care of yourself and thinking about your body with the future in mind.

AQ: Why is the sea appealing during every season of the year?

The sea is tranquil and dynamic at the same time. It’s different each day. Looking at the sea, one feels freedom and open space. There are also other important elements. The sea is good for one’s health. Walking along the seashore, you can organize your thoughts, improve your fitness. I run and walk alone by the sea as often as possible. I would also like to take my daughter to the sea frequently, because the climate’s influence can toughen her up for the future. Not without reason do we emphasize the importance of inhaling iodine, which has a beneficial effect on the body, protecting it, for example, against respiratory diseases.

AQ: What kind of rest do you prefer, active or passive?

From an early age, I was connected to sports. Also, I met my first love at a sports camp. The person who instilled the love for sports in me was my dad. It is thanks to him that to this day, I run and go to the gym. While at AQUARIUS SPA*****, I used the swimming pool complex, where I could stay in shape but also play with my daughter. However, one must remember to practise moderation. That’s why I had such a good time resting in the sauna or Jacuzzi after exercising. The most important thing is the ability to choose the best form for yourself.

AQ:  Is quality time with your child a pleasure for you, or would you rather go out with a friend?

I don’t think that one excludes the other. AQUARIUS SPA***** is the ideal place to combine relaxation with a child and meetings with a friend. Thanks to very good organization of space for children, I can, for example, meet with a friend at the “Wiatr i Woda” café whilst watching my daughter in the Play Club at the same time.

AQ: To which specific SPA treatments did you take a liking?

I attained a state of total relaxation after a great Abhvanga massage, which is part of Ayurvedic therapy. I inherited my mother’s sensitive skin on the neck and neckline, which is why I pay special attention to the hydration of those areas. The Payot ritual was performed very well. I would recommend it to anyone for whom it is essential to properly hydrate the body.

AQ: Do you value cuisine based on fish dishes?

I prefer a variety of dishes. It is important that the dish is exceptionally prepared and presented in an appropriate atmosphere. The “Horyzont” restaurant absolutely fulfilled these criteria. Whilst by the sea, you have to at least try flounder or steelhead trout, which is a river fish, and a local one at that, because it comes from the Parsęta river, which flows through Kołobrzeg, as my waiter told me.

AQ: How do you like Kołobrzeg?

Kołobrzeg is the perfect place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A large number of paths allows you to enjoy long walks and explore the city. Being in the hotel offers so many attractions that it’s hard to bring yourself to leave and explore the city, but it’s really worth it. Kołobrzeg is a very attractive place for families, and it’s open to the needs of tourists. I encourage you to get to know the city. The fact that I have been returning to Kołobrzeg for 20 years speaks for itself.

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