Horse Riding Centre in Kołobrzeg


For those who love horseback riding, we recommend visiting the 4-hectare Horse Riding Centre in Budzistowo, which is the oldest district of Kołobrzeg, located by the Parsęta River.

Horse Riding Kołobrzeg

The Horse Riding Centre has more than 30 horses and offers horseback riding lessons for beginners as well as advanced riders, under the supervision of a certified equestrian sports instructor. The centre also specializes in hippotherapy. On the grounds of the stables, there is a store where you can buy specialised equipment. An indoor riding area makes the resort a year-round attraction for tourists.

Address: ul. Kołobrzeska 6n, 78-100 Kołobrzeg – Budzistowo

tel. +48 94 354 37 54

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