posiłki bufetowe w hotelu AQAURIUS SPA

Horyzont restaurant

Buffet meals at the Horyzont restaurant are a real feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Our head chef and his culinary team prepare breakfast, and dinner buffets with expert craftsmanship and attention to details. The pride they take in planning and preparing deliciously interesting dishes is evident in every bite.



Start your day off right with a well-balanced breakfast. Choose from our warm buffet selection: scrambled/ fried/ boiled eggs, sausages, frankfurters, casseroles, milk soups and porridge. Indulge your taste buds at our live-cooking station with onsite chef serving cooked to order scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, waffles and pancakes.

For muesli lovers, there is a selection of cereals, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, honey and jams as well as milk with different fat content, soy milk, natural and fruit yoghurts, buttermilk, yellow and blue cheeses and cottage cheese from regional suppliers also in a lactose-free version.

Meat enthusiasts will find tasty delights in our meat buffet serving country sausages, roasted meats, cold cuts, lard, pates, jellied chicken and appetizing smoked Baltic fish.

To boost your energy, try our fresh high quality and fragrant bread: wheat/ rye/ wholemeal, various types of rolls, croissants, challah and toast bread. We also offer breads and sausages with reduced gluten content and vegetarian pastes.

Our chef’s salads and fresh vegetables available in the salad bar will provide you with a solid dose of vitamins. Allow yourself enough time to savour that sweetness of a perfect morning with our mouth watering cakes and croissants from the hotel bakery; and a glass of Prosecco to welcome the day. As part of breakfast we offer drinks: still water, coffee, tea, fruit juices and Prosecco. Breakfast is served from 7: 30 until 10: 30.



Dinner in the form of a buffet is a real delight to the palate that is constantly hit with new flavours and textures.
We offer: cold appetizers, two aromatic soups, fish dish, two meat dishes, and high energy side dishes - various types of kasha (groats), pasta, noodles, potatoes and vegetable extras.

The bountiful options include sophisticated meat or fish dishes, or surprising combinations of pasta and risotto flavours, all prepared at live-cooking station by our onsite chef.

Our buffet also tempts with meats, lard, pates, smoked Baltic fish, vegetarian pastas, as well as cold cuts and breads with low gluten content. You can make your own salad composition from a selection of vegetables, pickles and sauces or you can choose salads prepared by our chef.

Delicious pastries from the hotel bakery and fresh seasonal fruit are the perfect complement to a luscious dinner. For our youngest guests, we offer children buffet or tasty dishes from the children menu to suit all appetites.
The price of the dinner includes drinks: still water, coffee and tea. Other beverages are charged extra. Dinner is served between 17:00 and 19:00.

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